Spring 2005 Gospel Meeting

The Great Commission

Harrell Davidson

of Obion, Tennessee

April 24 - 28, 2005

Church of Christ - Olathe, Kansas

Sunday  April 24

Morning Bible Class

9:30 AM

   The Deity of Christ

Morning Worship

10:30 AM    The Great Commission - The World in Which We Live

Evening Worship

6:00 PM    The Church of the Great Commission

Monday  April 25
Evening Worship 7:00 PM    The Baptism of the Great Commission

Tuesday  April 26
Evening Worship 7:00 PM    The Great Commission - The Importance of Truth

Wednesday  April 27
AM Bible Class 10:00 AM    A Book Was Written
Evening Worship 7:00 PM    The Preaching of the Great Commission

Thursday  April 28
Evening Worship

7:00 PM

   Luke's Account of the Great Commission - Repentance

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