Spring 2007 Gospel Meeting

Larry Yarber

Evangelist and OABS Instructor of Mountain Grove, Missouri

April 29 - May 3, 2007

Church of Christ - Olathe, Kansas

Sunday  April 29

Morning Bible Class

9:30 AM

God's Word IS Reliable!!!

Morning Worship

10:30 AM The Wilfull And Presumptuous Sin 1 NT

Evening Worship

6:00 PM The Wilfull And Presumptuous Sin 2 OT

Monday  April 30
Evening Worship 7:00 PM One True Church

Tuesday  May 1
Evening Worship 7:00 PM Why Were They All Baptized?

Wednesday  May 2
AM Bible Class 10:00 AM The Woman's Role In The Church
Evening Worship 7:00 PM Immortality

Thursday  May 3
Evening Worship

7:00 PM

Overcoming Sin

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