Explanation of Why OABS Chose Not to Broadcast the
Open Forum at Spring, Texas on February 28, 2006

        We, the elders of the Phillips Street church of Christ in Dyersburg, Tennessee decided not to use the facilities of the Online Academy of Biblical Studies to broadcast the all day Open Forum at the 2006 CFTF Spring Lectureship in Spring, Texas, which was conducted on February 28, 2006. The day after our decision we contacted the Spring elders, explaining the reason for our decision.
          When the nature of the Open Forum was brought to our attention (please note: Tom Bright has requested that it be known that he, and he alone, was the one who failed to communicate to the elders; he has apologized to us for this), we felt the nature of the Open Forum was something that non-members (around the world) did not need to see.
          Now, this and this alone was the reason for our decision. We were not influenced by any outside source.
          This situation was and is a matter of judgment. As elders of the Phillips Street congregation we have the responsibility to oversee all aspects of our work. We, and we alone have the obligation to make the decisions relative to the work of this congregation. We have not in the past and will not in the future allow anyone else to make these decisions.
          When we were speaking with the Spring elders, we apologized for doing this on such short notice. However, we thought then and we think today this was the right decision, and we do not apologize for that.
          This is our explanation concerning this matter. We will not engage in a letter writing or email campaign.

Edgar Shults
Bobby Diggs