Online Academy of Biblical Studies

Under the oversight of the Elders of the Chipman Road church of Christ
201 NW Chipman Road - P.O. Box 262
Lee's Summit, MO 64063
Phone: 816.524.7429 | 816.524.0854

OABS Recorded Classes

Freshman Courses

Semester Class Title
Fall General Introduction to OT & NT
Fall Principles of Interpretation 1
Fall First Principles
Fall Christian Evidences
Spring The Synoptics
Spring Principles of Interpretation 2
Spring The Pentateuch
Spring Holy Spirit 1

Sophomore Courses

Semester Class Title
Fall Joshua, Judges & Ruth
Fall Holy Spirit 2
Fall Acts
Fall New Testament Church
Spring Samuel, Kings & Chronicles
Spring Hebrews
Spring Preacher Epistles
Spring John
Spring Church History

Junior Courses

Semester Class Title
Fall Prison Epistles
Fall Isaiah
Fall Denominational Doctrines
Spring General Epistles
Spring Ezra, Nehemiah & Esther
Spring Jeremiah
Spring Hosea - Habakkuk

Senior Courses

Semester Class Title
Fall OT Books of Poetry
Fall 1 & 2 Corinthians
Fall 1 & 2 Thessalonians
Fall Zephaniah - Malachi
Spring Romans & Galatians
Spring Revelation
Spring Ezekiel & Daniel

Supplemental Courses

Semester Class Title
Fall Eastern Religions & Cults (Audio Only)
Fall Restoration History (Audio Only)
Fall The Christian Family (Audio Only)
Fall The 400 Silent Years (Audio Only)
Fall Introduction To Logic (Audio Only)
Fall Essentials in Evangelism
Fall Sermon on the Mount
Fall Romans & Galatians - BIM
Fall Hebrew History 3 - BIM
Fall Apologetics - BIM
Fall Studies In Philippians
Fall Messianic Prophecies 1
Fall Books of Poetry - BIM
Fall The Home - BIM
Fall Prison Epistles - BIM
Fall Premillenialism
Fall Biblical Doctrine of Prayer
Fall Ethics - BIM
Fall Hebrews-Thessalonians - BIM
Fall Jeremiah-Lamentations - BIM
Fall Introduction to Greek 1
Fall Hallowed Be Thy Name
Fall Christology - BIM
Fall Minor Prophets - BIM
Fall Revelation - BIM
Fall John
Fall Mark
Fall John - BIM
Fall Hebrew History 1 - BIM
Fall The Godhead - BIM
Fall Messages from Psalms
Fall The Book of Job
Fall Moral Issues - BIM
Fall Proverbs
Fall Fundamentals Of Christianity
Fall Soul Winner For Jesus
Fall Focus On The Family
Spring Now That I'm A Christian (Audio Only)
Spring Hebrew History 2 - BIM
Spring Acts - BIM
Spring Bible Cultures & Customs - BIM
Spring Studies on the Cross
Spring 1 & 2 Corinthians - BIM
Spring Psalms - BIM
Spring Hermeneutics - BIM
Spring Messianic Prophecies 2
Spring Isaiah - BIM
Spring Preacher Epistles - BIM
Spring Denominational Doctrines - BIM
Spring The Book of James
Spring Proverbs
Spring Ezekiel and Daniel - BIM
Spring General Epistles - BIM
Spring Scheme of Redemption - BIM
Spring Introduction to Music Theory
Spring Old Testament Hebrew
Spring The Synoptics - BIM
Spring The Pentateuch - BIM
Spring New Testament Church - BIM
Spring Introduction to the Bible
Spring New Testament Parables
Spring Acts - BIM
Spring Doctrinal Issues - BIM
Spring Hebrew History 2 - BIM
Spring Psalm 119
Spring Between The Testaments
Spring Trends of Apostasy
Spring Leadership Principles
Spring Worshipping God

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