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24th Annual Lubbock Lectureship

"The Word of God"

Southside church of Christ | Lubbock, Texas

October 9-12, 2022

Day | Date Time (CDT) Speaker Lesson Title
Sun | Oct 9 9:00 AM Greg Weston "All Scripture Is Given by Inspiration of God"
Sun | Oct 9 10:00 AM Tommy J. Hicks "The Word of God"
Sun | Oct 9 2:00 PM Ken Ratcliff "Shall Not Return Unto Me Void, But It Shall Accomplish That Which I Please"
Sun | Oct 9 3:00 PM Jack Stewart "The Word of the Lord Endureth for Ever"
Sun | Oct 9 4:00 PM Jamie Beller "Making the Word of God of None Effect Through Your Tradition"
Sun | Oct 9 7:00 PM H.D. Simmons "The Sword of the Spirit, Which Is the Word of God"
Sun | Oct 9 8:00 PM Cameron Freeman "The Word of God Is Quick ... Powerful ... Sharper Than Any Twoedged Sword"
Mon | Oct 10 9:00 AM Terry Hill "Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth"
Mon | Oct 10 10:00 AM Richard Oldham "The Seed Is the Word of God"
Mon | Oct 10 11:00 AM Heath Stapleton "The Scripture Cannot Be Broken"
Mon | Oct 10 2:00 PM Michael Harmon "Spoken Unto Us By His Son"
Mon | Oct 10 3:00 PM Tyrone Dubose "For What Saith the Scripture?"
Mon | Oct 10 4:00 PM Open Forum Open Forum
Mon | Oct 10 7:00 PM Tom Moore "They Spake the Word of God With Boldness"
Mon | Oct 10 8:00 PM Tim Hayes "Being Born Again, Not of Corruptible Seed, but ... by the Word of God"
Tue | Oct 11 9:00 AM Joe Slater "The Word of Reconciliation"
Tue | Oct 11 10:00 AM John Board "So Then Faith Cometh by Hearing, and Hearing by the Word of God"
Tue | Oct 11 11:00 AM Mike McDaniel "Man Shall Not Live by Bread Alone, but by Every Word of God"
Tue | Oct 11 2:00 PM Seth Michael "The Word of God Grew and Multiplied"
Tue | Oct 11 3:00 PM Mike Bonner "The Word of God Be Not Blasphemed"
Tue | Oct 11 4:00 PM Open Forum Open Forum
Tue | Oct 11 7:00 PM Barry Kennedy "Sanctify Them Through Thy Truth: Thy Word Is Truth"
Tue | Oct 11 8:00 PM Derrick Coble "We Are Not as Many, Which Corrupt the Word of God"
Wed | Oct 12 9:00 AM Clay Bond "If Ye Continue in My Word, Then Are Ye My Disciples Indeed"
Wed | Oct 12 10:00 AM Gantt Carter "The Word of God Is Not Bound"
Wed | Oct 12 11:00 AM Russell Earl "Shewing by the Scriptures That Jesus Was Christ"
Wed | Oct 12 2:00 PM Bryan Braswell "We Understand That the Worlds Were Framed by the Word of God"
Wed | Oct 12 3:00 PM Andy Brewer "Confirming the Word With Signs Following"
Wed | Oct 12 4:00 PM Open Forum Open Forum
Wed | Oct 12 7:00 PM Garland Robinson "The Word of God Abideth in You, and Ye Have Overcome the Wicked One"
Wed | Oct 12 8:00 PM Tommy Brooks "Preach the Word ... Reprove, Rebuke, Exhort"

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