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2019 Gospel Meeting

B.J. Clarke

"The End Times"

Aurora church of Christ | Aurora, Missouri

September 15-18, 2019

Day | Date Time (CDT) Lesson Title
Sun | Sept 15 9:30 AM Will Jesus Establish An Earthly Kingdom At The End Of Time?
Sun | Sept 15 10:30 AM Will There Be A "Rapture" Before The End Of Time?
Sun | Sept 15 6:00 PM What Does The Book Of Revelation Reveal About The End Of Time?
Mon | Sept 16 7:00 PM Will There Be Any Signs Of The End Of Time?
Tues | Sept 17 7:00 PM What Will Happen At The End Of Time?
Wed | Sept 18 7:00 PM Are YOU Ready For The End Of Time?

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