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Frequently Asked Questions

Answered by Russ Earl - Director of OABS

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions submitted by those interested in the Online Academy of Biblical Studies. If you have additional questions which are not found in this list, please feel free to e-mail the Director (

We encourage each prospective student to remember that all times given for OABS classes are in the Central Time Zone each Saturday. The first hour class begins at 9:00 AM and the last hour class ends at 5:00 PM. Any person enrolling in OABS, and living in a different time zone, must be willing to make the sacrifice necessary to be in class at the appointed time.

  1. "What are the tuition costs?"

    There are no tuition costs. We have a dedicated staff of Instructors that donate their time and talents for the promotion of the Gospel of Christ. Our staff is comprised of men who believe in the verbal inspiration of the Bible and who will uphold and teach the "once delivered" faith of Jesus Christ (Jude 3). Thus, we are able to give a quality education in the Bible and Bible related subjects without charging any tuition fees. Operating expenses are funded from free will contributions from churches and individuals. This fund is overseen by the elders of the Chipman Road Church of Christ.

  2. "Is the Online Academy of Biblical Studies (OABS) Accredited?"

    No, the Online Academy of Biblical Studies is not accredited. The reason for this is simple: We have specific goals and a definite purpose. We do not believe such accrediting agencies (state or national) understand our goals. This being the case, we choose not to be under any such agency.

  3. "What does a student receive upon completion of the four year curriculum?"

    Upon completion of our curriculum, every graduate will receive a diploma. More than this, each person completing the courses will have the satisfaction of knowing they have received an education in the Bible and Bible related subjects that is second to none.

  4. "Can a person take "accelerated courses" thus finishing faster than in four years?"

    This is not a part of the purview of OABS. Our school is structured on a live and interactive classroom situation. Although any person can go tour the website and view the classes within just a few hours after they are actually taught (which we classify as "auditing" the course), OABS does not give credit for this.

  5. "Are there any required books for class?"

    Most of our Instructors require books for their course. We have some that require only the Bible. See the Curriculum page for specific course requirements.

  6. "Where can we obtain the books?"

    The Christian Family Bookstore is our book provider. OABS students will receive a discount for their books and are strongly encouraged to order from them. For book orders or a book order status, please visit their website or contact them by e-mail or phone at 1.800.782.8175.

  7. "How long is the school year?"

    Our school year is made up of two semesters, each semester lasts eighteen (18) weeks. We begin the Fall semester on the first Saturday in August and end in the middle of December. The Spring semester begins the first Saturday in January (unless that Saturday is a part of the New Year's weekend). There are two Saturdays designated as breaks each semester. If a person takes every course we offer they will finish in four years.

  8. "I have to work every Saturday. Can I enroll?"

    Our curriculum is structured for each student to be in class every Saturday. We realize some of our students have to work some Saturdays. We do give excused absences on these occasions.

    For the student who must work every Saturday, we have incorporated our OSC (Overseas/Saturday Workers Class) status. This allows Saturday workers and students who live overseas, to view the classes at a more convenient time for them and complete the assignments. In short, OSC allows a student an extra twenty-four (24) hours to complete their work.

  9. "What about absences due to sickness, death, etc?"

    We allow excused absences when a person is sick or has sickness in their family which requires the student's care. However, just deciding not to be in class so one can go with their family for recreational activies is not an excused absence. When a student receives three (3) unexcused absences in any course in any one semester, they are automatically dropped from that specific course for that semester.

  10. "Must I take every class every Saturday?"

    OABS does not require our students to take every course offered every semester. Many of our students work at least forty hours every week. They would not have time to do all of the outside work required by our Instructors. We encourage our students to take only the number of hours of study they can effectively handle.

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